Fuel Management, C-store and Restaurant Software.

Fuel management and Point-of-sale software designed for convenient store and restaurants of all services types.

View POS Reports straight from your smartphone and keep track of everyday sales and transactions even when you're on-the-go.

Our POS platform is insightful, easy to use and most importantly, impactful. From start to finish, your data is visualized in a clear, concise manner so you can utilize every key touchpoint.

Full mobile POS functionality

POS on your mobile device

Take orders from your mobile device to line bust and improve your speed of service.

Mobile POS fuel

Multi-task and maintain full POS functionality while tending to customers inside or outside your c-store.

Remote site monitoring

Keep an eye on operations from anywhere

Real-time activity monitoring gives you alerts when an event occurs that may affect your customers experience so you can respond quickly.

Customized alerts

Make sure you're in the know by configuring alerts like sales over $200 or two declines on the same card.

Mobile reporting and business intelligence

Access product and fuel sales data from your mobile device

Monitor the real-time performance of your business without having to visit to each site.

Make smarter decisions faster

Accountability is enforced when managers and owners share the most up-to-date information.

Sales forecasting and demand planning

Forecast future sales volume

Detailed forecasts allow you to schedule resource and product availability optimizing your operation for profitability.

Our platform also features…

Access all your reports

Your fueling loactions are unattened but you need reports now to check sales and ststem status. With the Autogas web reporting suite you can access the information you need when you need it.

Actionable Notifications

When you receive an alert that a dispensor has lost connectivity you need support to act quickly. Learn about system issues before your customers have to tell you.

Remote Connectivity

Once alerted, your support team can access the system and diagnose the problem before they deploy a field tech saving you time and money.

Guessing games are a thing of the past.