The 2016-year is well underway, this means more businesses are beginning to seek out simplified solutions for all of their fueling needs. Corporations everywhere have begun switching to fleet cards as a way to better manage their fueling expenses. Fleet fueling cards offer both corporations and drivers an easier solution for fueling their vehicles. Fleet cards can be used to pay for all vehicle and fueling expenses. One of the major benefits for corporations that are using them is that they are far easier to manage and track than credit cards and they provide more security and control and the point of sale.

If you operate a gas station or c-store and have not yet considered accepting fleet cards, now is the time. Otherwise you may be missing out on of the most lucrative and simplest opportunity to capitalize on c-store point of sale transactions. Accepting all major credit cards as well as fleet cards will give you a competitive advantage.

Why are Fleet Cards Best?                                      

The top priority for managing a fleet of vehicles and drivers is expense control and financial safety and security. If your drivers carry and pay with cash or credit cards, that’s a liability and a problem waiting to happen. Cash means paper receipts – which can be lost, fraudulently Fleet Fueling Cardsaltered, and labor-intensive to enter into your accounting software. Full-fledged credit cards eliminate some of those problems, but are susceptible to hacking and identity theft. Plus they can be used to make purchases other than fuel, which can lead to budgeting headaches and disputes with drivers over reimbursement of funds. Why invite that kind of complication and potential mismanagement of your money? A smarter solution is to carry a fuel card, and if you are in the business of selling fuel you need to offer that preferable option to your customers – otherwise you risk losing them to your competition.

Advantages of Company Fuel Cards

Today’s fleet fuel cards simplify cash management, provide a reliable and convenient way for drivers to pay, and can ensure that when the tank needs to be refilled those vehicles come to your station to spend their fuel dollars. You can also take advantage of innovations in fuel card technology to provide cards that pay for all types of fuel – from gas and diesel to alternative fuels like CNG, biofuel, and even recharges of electrical vehicles.

Fleet fuel cards offer Level III transaction data, and are one of the best and most affordable ways for fuel retailers to advertise their unique brand across diverse industries, multiple fleets, and the entire geographic area covered by those feel vehicles. Offer in-network promotions or loyalty discounts, centralized online billing, and toll-free customer service – all with fuel cards that provide superior security and fraud protection while boosting your retail brand.

Fleet cards have increasingly become a leading payment type for large corporations everywhere. For fueling stations looking to stay competitive accepting fleet cards is a major advantage. Operators should seek out fuel management systems that are capable of accepting all major payment types as well as fleet cards.