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Sarah McComb is a blog writer and contributor for Autogas. She is in charge of researching and developing content for When she is not writing she enjoys exploring the outdoors, weekend camping trips, and traveling.

The Fundamentals of EMV C-store Operators Need to Know

For years, credit card processing systems in the United States have lagged behind most of the industrialized world. As European nations switched to more sophisticated technologies, American banks and credit card companies continued to use magnetic stripe credit cards which are highly [...]

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7 Notable Developments in the Alternative Fuel Industry

Convenience stores are seeing more demand for self-serve alternative fuel management systems. C-stores that want to remain competitive, profitable, and relevant over the next decade need to transition into fuel management system technology that provides a multi-use platform. [...]

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What You Need to Know About Fleet Fueling Cards

The 2016-year is well underway, this means more businesses are beginning to seek out simplified solutions for all of their fueling needs. Corporations everywhere have begun switching to fleet cards as a way to better manage their fueling expenses. Fleet fueling cards offer both corporations and drivers [...]

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Making Your C-Store Work for Your Customers

If you manage and operate a convenience store you are already aware of how important it is to keep up with your customer’s demands and what a difference catering to their needs can have on your business. Todays’ modern consumers are consistently changing what they need and want. [...]

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4 Tips on Updating Your Gas Dispensers for Today’s Customers

Operating a gas station or c-store presents owners and managers with a very unique set of tasks and issues. In such a competitive industry it can be challenging to stay ahead of competitors and keep a consistent base of loyal customers. To stay on the leading edge you have to make the most [...]

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Features Your Fuel Management System Must Include

Fuel management systems are designed to maintain, monitor, and control the fuel consumption and the required amount of fuel for any type of business industry, which uses road, water, and air transportation. These systems are designed to manage and measure the use of fuel within these industries. [...]

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Driving Consumer Demand – An Analysis on Consumer Demand Determinants and the Result on Fuel Choices

The fuel station industry has always been an industry. [...]

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